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November 11, 2012
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A message from the people at Atheism Plus by Marsmar A message from the people at Atheism Plus by Marsmar
I've already made fun of those idiots once: [link] but so much shit has happened that I might as well make another picture for them.

For those of you who don't know, Atheism Plus, or at least what they claim to be, is a social justice movement that's supposed to fight against inequality in the atheist community. How do they fight the good fight? Blogging and chat forums...

There's so many things wrong with this community it's hard to find a place to begin. One of the things that pisses me off the most is the fact that if you're of any group that isn't a minority (old white male), somehow every criticism is null and void because of some invisible privilege you inherently have. This "privilege" is little more than their attempt to wiggle their way out of having to listen to criticism.

For example, Rebecca Watson, one of the lead figure in the Atheism-feminism/A+ bullshit community is a middle class white women who's frequently asked to speak at conventions and gets paid to ride first class all the way to her destinations. Somehow, the white man who grew up in utter poverty and worked his way to a middle class position has more privilege than Watson.

Another serious problem is their obsession with sexism. They label everything as "misogyny" even though they have fuck all clue about what it actually means. I can't say I'm 100% sure but I don't thin saying "This group sucks" means "I HATE women and think they should all be mindless slaves". Simply criticizing them makes you a misogynist in their eyes. Don't believe me? Explain to them why their absurd harassment policies for atheist conventions doesn't fit the actual level of harassment found at said conventions (pretty much none) and I guarantee that you'll be called a sexist and a rape apologist.

A third problem with them is that they don't know why certain atheists are famous. They look at people like Dawkins and Hitchens and Dennet and Randi and so on, and cry because they think they're famous because they're old white men. They never consider the fact that people like them because they're good at debating or write excellent books.

Hell, take Dawkins as an example. What kind of praise do you think he gets?
- You really explained the problems of religion well!
- I really like your works on evolutionary biology!
- Dude, you fucking owned the other guy in that debate!
And criticisms.
- You don't have the proper credentials to talk about religion.
- I much prefer you talking about science, you at least have an understanding of the subject.
- You are far to harsh for my taste.

The point is, people like and hate Dawkins for his actions. for what he does. The A+ people ignore that in favor of praising people for just being a minority. In other words, not for what they've done but what they're born with.

The last of (many many more) problems I'll list is their inability to properly handle the internet. This is a problem with many feminists (I'm looking at you, "Tropes vs Women in Video Games") . The concept of trolling is either entirely beyond them or they use it to justify, again, not having to listen to criticism.

First, when they don't understand trolling, it becomes incredibly irritating. Rebecca Watson who supposedly receives "hundreds of death and rape threats from atheists" doesn't seem to understand that a lot of those might have been sent to her by trolls who want to get a reaction. It's the same as people drawing gay sonichu pictures because his creator, Chris Chan, is a raging homophobe. Similarly, Rebecca Waston is a raging feminists who equates being asked out for coffee with rape would, as demonstrated, give out a reaction to people pretending to be rapists.

Second, when they say everything is trolling is equally if not more frustrating. No matter what kind of criticism you give be it a raging, poorly worded rant filled with punctuation mistakes to a calm, well thought out critique of their actions makes no difference to these people. Take C0nc0rdance of Youtube's video: [link]. It's a basic criticism telling the people at the A+ forums to avoid acting like religious people in terms of censorship and dogma. What do the people at the A+ forum call it? Tone trolling and lies.

Unlike the Civil Rights/ Women's Rights movements, Atheism Plus is entirely harmful to their causes. They make atheists look bad to the public and women look bad to atheists. They take otherwise intelligent, rational people like Matt Dillihunty (Of Atheist Experience fame) and ZomgitsCriss (of Youtube fame) and turn them into some of the most irrational atheists on the internet. Thankfully the movement at large seems to be dying out or is at least less active and it couldn't happen soon enough.

If you're an atheist who wants to see more women and minorities being recognized. Encourage them to do things that will get them recognized. Get a women to write a fantastic critique of religion and a black person to slap down theist objections like Hitchens at his finest. Just don't automatically assume people should be entitled to be recognized simply because they're a minority and for fucks sake, don't claim that everyone who doesn't agree with you somehow supports rape.
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GrumpyOldRossco Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
Atheism Plus is really just a bunch of rabid Feminist douchebags that want to hijack Atheism with their brand of dumbfuckery

Feminists like invading and talking over areas of society whether it be online Atheist discussion or video game industry or what ever, they barge in there and tell us all what we have to think and how to act and push their indignation on everyone. 

Passive aggressive bullshit really. All victim narrative and whining about Patriarchy and entitlement. Why do it all in the name of Atheism? None of their social justice warrior bullshit has anything to do with being an Atheist. 
Marsmar Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
Well if you're all up for more of that you should see what's going on with video game journalism right now. 
GrumpyOldRossco Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
With Ms Anita Saarkeesian?
Marsmar Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
Basically with the entire fucking video game journalism industry period. These people have been outed for their corrupt behavior and now they're all trying to cover their asses by labeling every gamer as a misogynist and saying that "gamers are dead" and "it's the end of an identity"

These people have utterly shot themselves in the foot because they want to take the moral high ground and thought pandering to the social justice types would be the way to do it. 
GrumpyOldRossco Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
It sounds pretty disgusting.

Here is the thing. Misogyny is not JUST a word to throw around, it has a meaning. Hatred of females. Misogyny does not mean "Does not agree with me" or even "Is sexist". It means "HATES females"
They make a big claim like this, they have everything ahead of them to prove it. 

Here is a big of a guess to what is going on.

Developers (mainly men because women mainly choose not to be a part of the industry - when I say MAINLY then pointing at a 5% exception is not going to make a point) make a game for the mainly young male recipients. It contains a male protagonist that they can relate to. The goal will involve lots of slaughter. Females will be in the game, but not generally as a main lead and most of them will be hot to appeal further for the young male gamer. The mission will be a boy's own adventure. It will make lots of sales and everyone wins. 

Except for the Feminist critic who will put pressure on the developers to change their successful formula to NOT be a boys own adventure and not make teh women in it appealing to the boys, have it less violent and it not to be male-centric. 

However, interestingly, if the game makes a loss or reduces drastically in sales if they do make such changes, who will foot the bill for reduced profits or losses? Presumably the Feminists demanding the changes? No. Of course not. 

But the Feminist would be happy then. The spoil will have been complete. 

Feminist really ought to stay out of spaces that have no Feminist association. 
Lulumewtrainer Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
my take... Who cares what religion you're a part of/not a part of? Honestly, I think if we just spent a day on not giving a shit about anything, or just... I dunno smiled... I think it'll make something a little better. Not everything... but something. (simple, yes. Effective; possibly) ^,^
Marsmar Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014
Probably because religion plays a major part in a lot of societies and is a major aspect of a lot of people's lives and heavily influences both of them. 

There's a lot of things in the world people honestly shouldn't give a shit about but that doesn't mean dropping everything and just smiling is going to solve all or any issues. 

For example, these people that this picture is talking about are over sensitive and overly politically correct and have a huge record of attempting to silence dissent based on emotional grounds while leading attacks on their dissenters. Many of their claims are outright lies and their followers refuse to employ any skepticism to their claims while outright denying even the most objective of facts from their opponents.

This isn't the only group that has these qualities. 
Lulumewtrainer Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
To be perfectly honest, when I wrote that comment, I had only simplified my opinions, and was going by personal belief (I try to avoid generalization, seeing as how I don't speak for everyone ^_^) But I think my main issue is that people do tend to over analyze things and become upset when they can't make everyone agree with them, or see anything new. I know I can't change anyone's point of view by simply stating my opinion, but it's nice to share them. I'm aware that just being happy for a day isn't a magical cure; but it's a nice thought. And I seem to carry too many nice thoughts.

But anyway, no matter what, there's always going to be that certain someone (or group of people people) who feel the need to push an extreme, or counter an extreme with their own extreme. For example, countering a Christian pastor's argument of creationism by arguing "God isn't real" or "evolution = scientific fact; therefore I'm right" isn't a valid argument; or vice versa. It's too simple, and that simplicity can cause friction between two people Or saying a Republican is crazy, therefore the Democrat is right. That's not the only way to look at things. It's a black and white; and I rarely see people explore the shades of gray in between. And it sucks because I quite enjoy studying the opinions and mindset of humans ;). Because while they all have their own sense of individuality, I can't help but notice that many of them seem to have similar opinions that swing too far one way.

Any group has it's extremes. Whether it be religious, political, fandom-related, hell even some sports teams... But at the same time, there needs to be some digging under the surface to find the more erm... "diverse" set underneath.
CelticKawaii Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I'm offensive and I find this Catholic. :iconimhighplz:
AmericanDreaming Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013
I just recently saw a Thunderf00t video about these people.  I had not heard of them.  It's the axis of evil; people with too much time on their hands, people with social problems, and people who aren't too bright.
Marsmar Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013
Add people with a tendency to their feelings in front of facts and people who tend to want to mass block people and actively censor any form of debate and you would have summed it up quite well. I've said it before and I'll say it again: due to these qualities the Atheism Plussers and those with a similar goal/mindset are pretty much the new creationists. 
OolonColluphid Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
Hah, that's pretty much is White Female privilege plus/Atheism Plus in a nutshell.

They pretty much prove the right wing's "criticism" *snicker* of Atheist's correct when they say Atheism is like a religion. Personally tired of hearing about how atheist, liberals and progressives are all a bunch of godless, man hating pill popping, crack snorting, pot smoking ,free abortions for all,commies from our so called "liberal media". We don't to need a bunch of idiots to make it actually true.

If these people don't understand what trolling is, they should just give up take a sledgehammer to their computers, cellular phones or tablets or what ever the use and get off the internet. :facepalm:
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