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GamerGate Megapost part 1 History part 5 by Marsmar
GamerGate Megapost part 1 History part 5

November is a bit of a shorter one simply because I feel as if a lot of the events would be better represented in my following posts about GamerGate or have already been covered well enough in previous posts. 

However, there was a major shitstorm that occurred late November involving the Independent Game Developers Association (IGDA) on November 21st when they linked to a page where one can find a twitter blacklist bot that would automatically block anyone following nero, @PlayDangerously, @RogueStarGamez, @TheRalphRetort, @_icze4r, @RealVivianJames, or @CHOBITCOIN. The page itself as well as the bot's own coding labels the followers of these accounts as harassers regardless of if they actually harassed anyone or not. 

A lot of names were blocked. One person went on to suggest that the list should be a form of blacklist with the blockbot's creator, Randi Harper, agreeing to the notion:

Because of the nature of the blacklist, blocking anyone who follows specific accounts, this has resulted in the list blocking off KFC and one of the chairmen for the IGDA:

and in response to this, Randi Harper has this to say:

So your shitty blockbot ends up blocking a high ranking member of the organization that sponsored your bot and when your response is essentially "If he didn't want to be blocked, he shouldn't follow known harassers!" Well, I hope that's working out for them:

So this is what Anti-GamerGate has amounted to, mass censorship because the first several times worked so well. I don't think GamerGate would have gotten half as far if so much of the opposition didn't act like knuckle dragging morons half the time. 

Throughout the month of November, GamerGate has been attempting to contact the Federal Trade Commission alerting them about Gawker Media's shady business practices. Late November, the FTC has responded… and a while later, Gawker, specifically Kotaku, has had to add disclaimers about their affiliate links:…

You know, it's almost as if all this shit really is about ethics in video game journalism. This was a major victory for GamerGate as it shows that it's possible to have a significant impact in the industry. During the height of GamerGate, IGN, perhaps the largest website for video game news and reviews, discussed updating their ethics policy:…

December 3rd and the event that finally got me to write out this megapost, Targets in Australia decide to pull GTA V from the shelves following a petition citing violence against women as a reason to take it down:…

What have we heard for the longest time from these people? "We're not here to take games away! We're only giving them a feminist critique like all other art forms! You'll be able to play your games. We just want more inclusiveness."

It's a bold faced lie that so many people have bought in and now look, they have succeeded where Jack Thompson, one of the most infamous names in gaming for attempting exactly this, has failed. Despite the fact that there's absolutely no correlation between video games and real world violence/sexism:… this crap is still pulled even to this day. Now the question remains, will journalists be honest and fight against this just as they would if it were still Jack Thompson or would they agree with the notion because it was rebranded from violence to misogyny. 

There is a lot of sexism going on in the world but one of the last places you'd find a meaningful example of it is in gaming. I can assure you this, places like the Middle East or Africa where women have it much worse than any of these Californian rainbow haired hipsters ever had aren't ramped with sexism because of video game shit. The Republican party isn't hell bent on fighting against reproductive and LGBT rights because of video game shit. Nothing in Ferguson happened because of video game shit. But despite these facts, people are still going to cite gaming as cause an effect that isn't there which brings me to the next section of this mega post. 

This concludes the end of the history segment for the megapost. It is now December 5th and things certainly have occurred between when I started and now but I would rather move on to the actual arguments in favor of GamerGate than to continue updating this. I think one would have a pretty good gist of what's going on by now. Next time I will be addressing some of the claims made by Anti-GamerGate and then explain the larger meaning behind this controversy and why I think that even though this is all video game shit, it's something that more people should care about because of what it all entails. 

For more information on the history of GamerGate, I'd advice you visit here:… The timeline covers events that I have not. There's also a video "#GamerGate in 60 Seconds" meant for a quick rundown of what GamerGate is about:…

GamerGate Megapost part 1 History part 4 by Marsmar
GamerGate Megapost part 1 History part 4

Part three part two. Yeah, we're still in September. 

Part 11: Rehash

On September 23, the GamerGate hashtag has been used in a million tweets. The current number is over three million. 

Let's talk about Twitter for a moment. Both the GamerGate hashtag and NotYourShield hashtag have been going strong for a while and still are. As of now one can say that GamerGate is bigger than Jesus: and better than tits:

The anti side has attempted to create many counter hashtags but most if not all of them fail within a day of their inception. These include: #DescribeAGamerInFourWords (yeah, that's gonna take up most of the character limit), #GameOverGate, #GameEthics, #CloseTheGate, #GamerTruce, #MisogynyInide (After Intel pulled out of Gamasutra), #GAMR, #NeverKissAGamer (What is this, middle school?), #Playtriarchy

All of them was failures. their biggest success was #StopGamerGate2014. It had thousands of tweets within a day. Certainly this is the anti-GamerGate side getting their shit together. Or maybe a lot of it is Twitterbots. Let's see:

Now I'm going to go out and say this right now, the Anti-side should admit that there are some block bots involved because I, in my unlimited benevolence, am willing to say that Anti-GamerGate DOESN'T support ISIS which leads to the question of why an ISIS supporting Twitter even used their shitty hashtag: I don't want to have to say this, but I'll be getting more into ISIS and GamerGate later. Oh boy do the antis love their false equivocation fallacy. 

Using TrendsMap, people were able to find the origin of a lot of these tweets: I'm honestly skeptical that that part of the world would be so up in arms against people up in arms about video game shit. 

Part 12: Much ado about ISIS

On September 30, Intel pulls their ads from Gamasutra. GamerGate has successfully petitioned one of the largest tech industries in the world to drop a website. Thus begins October. 

On Oct 6, George Reese, Exec Director of Cloud Computing for Dell tweets that GamerGate is the ISIS of the technology world (not the only ISIS comparison, guys. I'll give you more later) which is what got the popular PC game reviewer TotalBuscuit to finally come out in support of GamerGate:…

On Oct 8th, Totalbiscuit calls out ShadowofMordor for an advertising agency paying Youtubers deals to receive a pre-release of the game in exchange for favorable reviews:…… 

Part 13: Who Wu-ld have guessed? 

On oct 13, msnbc covers GamerGate accusing it of harassment and not covering the issue of ethics in journalism and corruption in the industry:…

One of the people prominently mentioned in the video is Spacekatgirl AKA Brianna Wu. Now I know what you're all thinking. "Who the fuck is Brianna Wu?" and let me tell you right now, everyone else in GamerGate asked the same question when she decided to rear her ugly head in. S/he is a game dev that makes games that look like this:…

Stop laughing. 

S/he entered the scene when it retreated an anti-GamerGate meme featuring an autistic asian kid (the picture was taken from a slide for a presentation on autism.) Naturally, GamerGate took that meme and shitposted with it using it against its creators with some lighthearted and sometimes downright racist fun: Yep, quivering because it has
  been attacked by the meme team apparently. 

Then out of the blue an account has been made dedicated to sending him/her death threats:… and she's claiming that s/he's been doxed:… but seriously, who the fuck is Brianna Wu? Up until that day no one has heard of him/her until that very day. S/he's not like Anita Sarkeesian who at that point was already incredibly notorious. 

So let's take a step back and think for a moment. How likely is is that some nobody who retweeted a shitty meme would end up getting an account dedicated to just death threats and doxed? By this point GamerGate already had a bad rep with the press and many people on /gg/ were self policing each other urging one another to not do anything remotely seedy like this. Now interestingly enough, Brianna's doxx were posted on 8chan but here's what it was met with:

Not only was GamerGate reporting the account threatening her, but they also reported the person who posted her Doxx on the website. It seems that GamerGate is against doxxing contrary to what the news segment and Wu claims. 

Part 14. bully Pulpit.

On October 17th, Gawker writer Sam Biddle writes that we should bring back bullying as a means to shame nerds into submission: and later brags that he got a raise for his tweets: 

I'm sure some of you remember Shirtstorm, where Matt Taylor, part of the Rosetta Project set to land a probe on a comet was harassed by feminists and SJWs because the shirt his friend gave him had images of sexy women on it. So here you go Sam: Mission accomplished. That's exactly what the dumb shit is advocating for and you can expect GamerGate has used this to its advantage. 

All eyes were on Gawker Media from that point on with Operation BabySeal to contact Gawker's advertisers specifically and Operation UV to get the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Gawker's seedy practices which I'll get into later. 

Within a week, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Olympus, Nissan, General Motors, and Colgate either pulls their ads from Gawker or inform people that they were never tied with Gawker to begin with:………

During that time, Max Read calls GamerGate a bunch of "dishonest fascists" and insults Intel as "craven idiots" as well as accusing Intel's leaders of being sexist (I'm sure Intel's CEO wherever SHE is would love to know that) and then goes on to say he's not regretful of Biddle's tweets that within a week has costed them 5 advertisers. 

On October 24, lawyer Mike Cernovich was forced to flee his house after an associate of Quinn files a false police report (and encourages other to do the same) against him:… (The report template with personal info blocked out)

Mike has attempted to give this person a chance at turning back but she refused to do so:

Part 15. Pakman Fever

On October 29, David Pakman of TheYoungTurks interviews Milo Yiannopoulos to give his side of the story where the rest of the mainstream media refused to:… He has also interviewed pro-GG Jennie Bharaj:…, Pro-GG Fredrick Brenin AKA Hotwheels:…, anti-GG Brianna Wu:… and anti-GamerGate Arthur Chu:…

There's more pro-GG people being interviewed than anti-GG people which may seem one sided but in actuality, it's because the other side refused to be interviewed. Pakman himself is neutral on the subject of Gamergate. He has his fair share of praises and criticisms (some of which I felt were faulty and will address later)…

The thing is, none of anti-GG would be interviewed. He attempted to contact both Stephen Totilo and Zoe Quinn and both have declined, the latter going on to accuse him of harassing her:

David isn't afraid to ask tough questions for people on either side but when GamerGate is asked the challenging questions they end up thanking him for allowing them to speak. When Anti-GamerGate is asked the tough questions, they cry harassment:… It seems that unless the interview isn't total asskissing which all the Mainstream Media ones have been, they can't handle it. 

Thus ends the really significant events of October. We're half way through the events and one month was long enough to need two parts to sum up not even everything. I know these are incredibly long and probably a chore to read through but I want to be as reasonably thorough as possible and make sure that all my main claims are backed up with some evidence be it a screen cap, video, article, etc. 

GamerGate Megapost part 1 History part 3 by Marsmar
GamerGate Megapost part 1 History part 3

Due to the length of this megapost, I had to split this project into several parts. The events that took place before GamerGate and the events that covered the last half of a month required two posts along. I wasn't lying when I said this was a major shitstorm. 

But the events don't stop there. Now December rears it's head and gaming journalists realize that this isn't just some dumb phase that will pass with time. 

Part 8. Big Sister is Watching. 

On December 2nd, developer Daniel Vavara, designer of the Mafia series, comes out in support of GamerGate bringing to light the fact that game developers are "scared to write about the real subject of GamerGate." This for many brings up the possibility that many people are being held hostage in a sense preventing them from freely expressing their opinions. 

GamerGate has already found out that journalists regularly conspire with each other through GameJournosPros so it doesn't seem like a stretch of the imagination that groups in the industry with ideologies and benefits to gain would attempt to silence people for thinking differently. Since then interviews by nichegamer with anonymous (and non anonymous devs) have come out with them stating that there is indeed that sort of corruption occurring:……

On the same day, the BBC tech division published an article on Anita Sarkeesian's death threats:

Part 9. Not Your Shield or "The hobbyists that regularly call each other niggers on X-Box Live are more diverse and inclusive than people who claim that gaming lacks such diversity"

On September 3rd, Twitter user Ninouh90:… (drawing) creates #NotYourShield, an attempt to give women and minority gamers a voice and a chance to speak out against social justice warriors and journalists who try to speak for them. Many people of all different colors, creeds, and countries used the hashtag to condemn gaming journalists and SJWs for their behavior. 

The big picture with this is that that's exactly what these people attempt to do. You try criticizing Anita, you're automatically against ALL women. You criticize SJWs ridiculous demands for video games, you're automatically branded a racist, misogynist, or homophobe. These people use these terms as shields to deflect criticism and use people as shields by trying to claim they're just standing up for them:

Despite claiming to be for inclusiveness and supporters of women and minorities, SJWs and journalists have went on to claim that Notyourshield was all just sockpuppet accounts. This has led to situations such as these: Quite a few people have claimed that NYS was all sockpuppets and quite a few got pictures of disappointed looking black guys in response. 

Anita Sarkeesian once said in a presentation I'll get to later that 'one of the most radical things someone can do is listen to a woman when she tells you about her experiences.' So why is it only ok, as these people make it out to be, to listen to someone when they crow about how horribly racist and misogynistic gamers and gaming culture is but when a bunch of women and minorities come out and say, 'no, we love gaming. We are and love gamers. we love the culture. We haven't experienced the level of abuse these people claim is ramped. They don't speak for us. etc', people who claim to be all for women and minorities then dismiss these people as fakes for reasons so stupid as "talks EXACTLY LIKE A WHITE DUDE" [not my emphasis] as Todd Johnson claimed in an above link. 

So listen and believe when it comes to Anita Sarkeesian but deny deny deny whenever it's a woman going against their narrative. This is one of many examples of the hypocrisy of these people and why you shouldn't be so quick to be on their side when they cite sexism as the thing they cause or claim that they're all for and fighting for feminism. 

All this and it's only September 3rd. Wow. 

Part 10. Wikipedia or "Why Jimbo Wales can shove his "donate $3" up far"

Let's look at the opening blurb for the Wikipedia article on GamerGate Controversy:

"The Gamergate controversy began in August 2014 and concerns misogyny and harassment in video game culture. While many supporters of the self-described Gamergate movement say that they are concerned about ethical issues in video game journalism, the overwhelming majority of commentators have said that the movement is rooted in a culture war against women and the diversification of gaming culture."…

Now as of so far, much of GamerGate has actually been about ethics in video game journalism. Even NotYourShield which is related to race/gender issues was created as a way of preventing these journos from using people as a shield and forcing them to owe up. 

Yet the article on GamerGate is horribly biased. The first of this came from a suspicious number of edits from Wikipedia's Project Feminism: over 300 edits within the span of 3 days.  Attempts at editing the GamerGate article to be more neutral has led to people's accounts being banned or locked out of the GamerGate article. People were also doxed as a result of trying to edit the article: 

Jimmy Wales has this to say about it:…

The article presents the idea of GamerGate as fact but weasels around the idea of corruption in video game journalism. One of the major issues is that the article is controlled by a set of people. One of which is called Ryulong. A common joke among GamerGaters is that the enemy will "never beat our autism" in the sense that they're able to keep the controversy going for as long as possible. I bring this up because Ryulong's "autism" might rival that of all of GamerGate. He seems to be up around the clock seven days a week reverting edits and policing the page. 

So much so that Jimmy Wales told him to cool it off. Despite claiming neutrality, he has asked for donation from /r/Gamerghazi, an anti GamerGate subreddit he has done an AMA on. Both of these events take place on this thread:…

ctrl+f jimmywales1 or Wiki Founder to find the conversation. Ctrl+f money for the other relevant part. 

Despite all of this. Ryulong has has not been banned from the article nor has anything significant been done to fix this issue. That being said, I will not be donating three dollars to wikipedia if they're not even able to keep their act together about video game shit. One would think that if someone is asking for donations from a group of people who want to control the narrative of an article, that would be an instant ban from a site that's supposed to remain neutral on such matters but apparently Ryulong's too valuable for that to occur. 

Sorry, Jimbo. 

On a more humorous note, on September 7, some pleb called Greg Costikyan wrote this pile of drivel: 

"Worse, you are poor examples of men. Men, good men, defend women. They do not attack them.

To which end: To defend the honor of Anita Sirkeesian, Zoe Quinn, Leigh Alexander, or yes, Anna Anthropy, I will be willing to meet any of you, on horse or afoot, with sword or pistol, at a time and place of your choosing."

So if you're ever playing Smash Bros 3DS and you look up to see a fedora clad white knight with a katana and NES Superscope riding PinkiePie raging about misogyny, you'll know the valiant warrior has come to stop you. . .What a scrub. 

On September 8th, the Escapist issues and apology to gamers and discusses updating their ethics policy.… The Escapist was one of the few places that allowed discussions on GG. The website remains neutral and even hosts some known anti-GamerGate people such as Bob Chipman aka MovieBob. It's worth noting that their GG forums were once brought down by a DDoS attack:… Don't mistake, Escapist is neutral but this wouldn't be the last time a neutral was attacked. 

September 11, TFYC reaches it's funding goal. I'm sure at least one chucklefuck compared it to 9/11. 

On September 15th, Wikileaks comes out in support of GamerGate:… This is pretty significant. A website dedicated to exposing corruption and collusion in the mainstream media and government is able to see past all the bullshit that's been thrown against GamerGate and say 'Yeah, we know what you mean.' They also go on to say: "It's [video games] a good microcosm to learn how influence networks operate."

I will expand upon all of this and the larger significance of that last tweet later. 

Part 11. Exodus or "To Infinity(chan) and beyond!

Up to this point, most GamerGate discussion has either taken place on 4chan's /v/ and /pol/ (video games and politically incorrect). I've only been on /v/'s threads but they had these megathreads where all GamerGate discussion was supposed to go so people don't shit up the board with a hundred GG posts and same topics. 

Christopher Pool AKA Moot on September 18th attended the XOXOfest; one of the speakers being none other than Anita Sarkeesian: This convention is where the quote about believing women when she talking about her experience being so radical came from. It's also the origin of the term LISTEN and BELIEVE given by Sarkeesian herself:… or perhaps this would be more fitting:… (parody)

Remember, listen and believe whatever a woman says…unless it's one of those NotYourShield types. 

The point is that Moot attended this convention and tweeted positive things about it. He attended the event with Gawker PR agent Mallory Blair. Gawker Media is the source for Kotaku and Jezebel, two of some of the most notorious video game journalist sites out there: (carrying her luggage, living the dream there, Moot.) It's unknown if she's Moot's current Girlfriend or not. Most people are content to say Moot's just a cuck: In the midst of this, a post by someone claiming to be a former mod of 4chan's /d/ board (don't go there if your porn viewing habits are casual) has claimed that Moot has been slowly trying to improve 4chan's image by weeding out all the old mods and implementing SJW mods who "do it for free."

The biggest allegation surrounding this is that Moot is intending to sell 4chan to Gawker. Handing out with a PR, trying to clean up the website, and not least of all, banning discussions on GamerGate: The topic was banned on /v/, /pol/ and /b/ despite being about video games, about politics in some sense, and about anything at all. 

4chan was once seen by many as a bastion of free speech where the thoughts and opinions that other sites simply would not allow were able to be posted. Now discussion on ethics in video game journalism and ideological censorship was being banned on that very same site. 4chan users have moved to a different website called 8chan and have created the board /gg/ for GamerGate related discussion. 

GamerGate Megapost part 1 History part 2 by Marsmar
GamerGate Megapost part 1 History part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the GamerGate megapost. In the last part I discussed the events leading up to GamerGate from giving examples of unethical practices in video game journalism to the Zoe Quinn scandal and how she's not so much the innocent damsel in distress that many people try to make her out to be. 

In this part I will discuss what actually sparked GamerGate and attempt to cover some of the events that followed. 

Let us begin.

Part 4: Gamers are DEAD!

Zoe Quinn has already attempted to censor part of the internet from Youtube to Reddit to even 4chan and if there's one thing that failed acts like SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA should teach people, it's that the internet HATES censorship with a passion.

But even then if it was left at that, it would be only Zoe Quinn who'd forever get the scorn of gamers but GamerGate likely would not have taken off. What really started it was when many big name video game journalist sites including RockPaperShotgun and Gamasutra published over 10 different articles within the range of a week starting on October 28, 2014 giving out the same message: Gamers are dead. It's the end of an identity. Gamers are over. They're all sexists neckbearded virgins living in their mother's basements. Take a look:…

Now you might have noticed something similar about a lot of these: Anita Sarkeesian. I haven't mentioned her yet with the exception of her tweet against TFYC for a reason: She wasn't initially a part of this. Even back on 4chan people were yelling at each other "NO, faggots! Don't bring Anita into this shit!" because everyone knew she would just be trouble. 

Despite that, journalists and Anita herself have since then attempted to weasel her way into the controversy and further muddy the waters but I shall get into that later. 

The point is that all these news sites about video games and presumably dedicated to gamers have come out and vilified all gamers, not just the ones against Zoe Quinn. One would think that video game journalists would have gamers in their best interest but no, both gaming journalists and even people in the industry have a major disdain for their audience:… 

Now ask yourself this, when Ray Rice was caught beating up that woman in the elevator or Michael Vick was outed as a dogfighter, do you think SportsIllustrated would have benefitted from claiming that ALL sports fans are animal abusers and beaters of women? Do you think George Lucas would have benefitted from calling ALL movie goers entitled because they hated the Star Wars prequels? If every reporter acted like video game journalists did to their niche audience, we would end up seeing shit like this:… (parody) 

There is a level of professionalism that the journalists and industry as a whole clearly does not meet. Video Games are a multi billion dollar industry and games regularly sale more than most movies and books of the year but somehow its audience/consumer base is unable to be given a decent amount of respect by the people who are supposed to report and cater to them. 

This at the end of the day is what led to GamerGate in my opinion. They tried to take gamer's voices away and then declared them dead. The whole of history tells us that there's a tipping point for people getting stepped on and it doesn't matter if it's as significant as racial issues or as petty as video game shit but at some point in time, people are going to fight back. 

Part 5. GamerGate is born

One day before that, on August 27 2014, actor Adam Baldwin coins #GamerGate using the gate suffix that has become synonymous with conspiracy and corruption. That was his most significant and probably only major involvement. 

On the same day, 4chan starts Operation Disrespectful Nod:… in reference to a cringe worthy tweet made to Zoe by one of her supporters:… The operation is symbol, search the websites for anything that would violate the terms of service for advertisers and email the advertisers about said violations. It's an urge to get them to drop out but not an attempt at harassment. 

Since its inception, OpDN has managed to convince a number of advertisers to drop out (some of the more significant I'll get into later) and has remained a key part of GamerGate throughout the weeks. 

On the same day still, Anita attempted to weasel her way into by posting a screen cap of death threats set by a newly created account Kevin Dobson:… (no relation to this site's SJW bear) Since the tweet capped at 12s, the account has not made any more leading to some question of how legitimate these threats are. Some false flags include the fact that she'd rather post on Twitter rather than report these to the authorities who would then likely advice her NOT to post anything related online as well as the fact that she's been suspected to have instigated false harassment claims in the past. She or an associate have also been suspected of baiting 4chan for troll comments to exploit on her introduction video before closing the comments once the funding for her kickstarter project was achieved. 

This will not be the first time that Anita has claimed to receive threats and that those claims have been disputed. 

[I have decided to put this after the GamersareDead part before GamerGate as a term being made due to the former's greater significance. Take note that the previously stated events take place a day BEFORE Gamers are Dead]

6. GamerJournoPros or "Who here hasn't slept with a PR person or game developer? #AMIRITE"

conservative (and gay) Milo Yinnapoulos enters the scene when he exposes the GameJournoPros mailing list:……The name is likely a reference to the JournoList:… a similar issue in journalistic ethics. 

The issue here is that a bunch of video game journalists have come together and are actively deciding on what scores should be and what narratives should be pushed. Of the things confirmed: That a certain narrative is being pushed by these people, that the scores are decided by the merit of the game but by each other and their own personal interest, that many of them have slept around with PR and devs, and so on. 

This leak was a major thing for GamerGate because it has essentially confirmed everything they suspected and reaffirmed what they've proved. There is a clear mass of corruption and collusion going on in the world of video game journalists and as gamers and consumers, people were rightful upset. 

The claim of collusion was disputed by Ars Technica, the founder of the group. Other than that, this revelation has not been talked about by any mainstream news that has reported on GamerGate despite being exactly what GamerGate is about. 

On the same day, more websites called Gamers misogynists, brought up Anita, and declared them dead. 

Part 7. Sommers and Factual Feminist or "Anti-GamerGate attacks a known feminist because….women something something I guess."

The next day feminist scholar Christina H. Sommers of Factual Feminist joined the discussion supporting gamers:

Eventually she made a video "Are Video Games sexist" where she disputed the idea that video games are sexist and cause real world sexesm:… In response, several video game journalists and feminist/left leaning websites have tried debunking her video and in many of the titles, they declared her and GamerGate as conservative:……… They have also made an incredibly shitty and I mean so fucking goddamn shitty autotune parody because anti-GamerGate lacks any form of talent whatsoever holygoddamn I feel bad for linking you to this:… Anita Sarkeesian was partly involved in the creation of this video. 

Take note that Christina Sommers is a registered Democrat. Despite being apolitical in the sense that GamerGate does not take any official stance on the right wing/left wing issue and the fact that the movement is about video games and encompasses everyone from the farthest of right and left, this is what the average GamerGate political compass looks like:

Right wing, Left wing, GamerGate's the whole goddamn bird. 

Since then, Sommers has gained much popularity with gamers. She has also gained the support of Richard Dawkins:… on the same day as her video on sexism in gaming. 

The next day, Techraptor, an independent technology website that has been sympathetic to GamerGate had its subreddit banned:… as well as the users shadowbanned. A cryptic tweet was made to them telling them to "get on the right side of history"…

Thus concludes the events that took place in August. 



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