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Journalistic integrity by Marsmar
Journalistic integrity
I think video game "journalists" are sacks of shit and sometimes I feel as if the universe would go as far as to change the laws of physics to prove me right. 

What can be said about the whole Zoe Quinn thing? Well not much considering so many places have been censored when it comes to this topic. Every major gaming site has gone out of their way to defend her and vilify the people upset that she used sex to get her game promoted. Major subreddits dedicated to gaming have had entire comment threads deleted and accounts banned when she's brought up. MundaneMatt's video on her has been false flagged and taken down (it is reuploaded). Even 4chan has had threads about her removed on /v/ and /b/:…

So a lot of you are probably wondering, how can one girl cause this big of a shitstorm? Well that's the power of damage control. All of these people either want to cover their own asses or want to take the moral high ground on the matter. It is the effect of when people have connections behind the scenes. 

Let me say this straight: Zoe Quinn is a liar, a hypocrite, and an opportunist of the worst kind. 

She is the kind of person who bitches and moans about how horrible the gaming industry is to women and then turns around and sabotages a charity dedicated to helping women make games due to her misplaced sense of victimhood:…

She is the kind of person who would cheat while in a relationship with other people, three of which were also in a relationship with someone, all for the purpose of promoting her game. She tries to change the topic by citing privacy concerns and if she were screwing random people she met at a bar or something, that would be valid. However, let's take a look at the 5 guys she slept with: 

1. Brandon McCartin - Fez Co-Developer (He was married)
Indie game developer

2.  Kyle Pulver - Bonesaw guy
Indie game developer

3. Nathan Grayson - Kotaku/RockPaperShotgun writer
Video game "journalist"

4. Robin Arrot - Indie game dev and contest judge
Was a judge of a contest that Zoe's game won at

5. Joshua Boggs-Zoe's boss (also married)
Self explanatory

These aren't just a bunch of random guys. These are people who are in the industry and have influence. Enough influence that her game Depression Quest was greenlit for Steam and enough influence that they convinced other journalists and devs to side with Quinn on the matter. 

This isn't a matter of some idiot slept around, this is a matter of corruption in the industry and journalistic integrity. In an effort to silence all opposition and protect Zoe's secrets, her white knights have made the situation a hundred times worse for themselves. Rule number one of the internet: Never try to silence people to save your ass because even if you're able to get the biggest names on your side (which they pretty much have), there will always be a pissed off opposition. 

Gaming is a medium of entertainment I love and care about. It enrages me to know end to see it whittled away by these hypocritical oversensitive opportunists and to see these journalists blindly bend over to it because the want to take the moral high ground.

I have given my side and opinions on this matter but I encourage you to look into it yourself. I want you to ask yourself though, maybe over a burger and fries from 5 Guys, why are all these journalists so quick to paint her the victim of an internet attack but fail to mention any of the things I've stated above? Especially the part about her ruining a charity dedicated to promoting women in gaming. 

Christian Weston Transler by Marsmar
Christian Weston Transler
Before you get all offended, I'd recommend you check out who the prep in this picture is:…

No matter what you think, the universe is always able to surprise you. 

Chris Chan is perhaps one of the most well known people on the internet and is perhaps the most well documented human being to ever live. One of the key characteristics of Chris Chan is his raving homophobia. While most people who are called homophobes are really just assholes who hate gay people, Chris might have been one of the few people who were legitimately afraid of gayness. 

Some of his little crusades on the straight path include: 
-Playing with an Optimus Prime toy and looking at a Sailor Moon poster to ensure he keeps his heterosexuality
-Repeatedly condemning gays in his videos
-Suggesting that gay people should be relocated to a sort of internment camp to be rehabilitated
-Making his anti-self in his comic gay
-"curing" homosexuality in his comic by poisoning the world's water supply with an anti-gay vaccine made using his own blood

Now with a track record like that, you can imagine it's surprising when the same person writes on his facebook: "As a Tomgirl, Intersex of Female soul with a Male Body, and a Tranny Cross-Dresser, I am in full support for Human Equal Rights for everyone." He would later state: "No, my Facebook has not been hacked. I do not have a wristband yet, but I intend to get one later. I support the LBT fully; the G.M.s are fortunate to be on this boat."

Chris finally goes full Tumblr Feminist:
"I just sorted it out how to best nutshell the details: I hardly get along with Males at all (not counting being civil); I get along better with Female TOTALLY; I hardly identify myself with the Barbarian and Stereotypical Males at all; I identify BEST with the feminine ways, emotions, Empathy and about Everything Else; I GET DISGUSTED WITH THE DAMN DICKS INCLUDING MY OWN; I WANT TO SHOVE MY FACE INTO THE BIG HOLE BELOW THE URETHRA KNOWN AS THE BEAUTIFUL VAGINA VERY MUCH; I am Feminine on the inside, Male on the outside; my Feminine Soul is most attracted and aroused by women and their Superior Beauty; Male Bodies are horrendous and most offensive to me, talk about going from the middle to HELL's Deep on the Beauty/Ugly thermometer. Female and Male on Female and Female equals Lesbian Identified Man!
No More Questions!!!"

He sounds like he was one caps lock sentence away from telling everyone to check their privilege. 


So what does this mean for CWC? Why does he think of himself this way? Why now? 

This isn't the first time he made up a sexuality. Back during his homophobic days, he was pressured by trolls to come out of the closet in exchange for something and he attempted to outdo the trolls by saying he was a "gaybian" or a "male lesbian" (meaning he still likes women.)

First thing to consider is that this guy's an idiot and most likely insane. There's quite a few people in the world who don't feel right with their own gender and maybe that's the case with Chris but considering CWC has outright stated several times in the past that he hates all males (except God, Santa, The President, and all the World Leaders), this seems like an extension of that hate and a case of self-loathing. This is the next step in the process where he dresses up like a woman and tries to be more feminine. I doubt he's going to go the full mile and get a sex change. 

Part of this might also be a result of him spiraling into insanity. He never saw the most sane man in the world (If one accepts that his comics are a window into how his mind operates, this becomes incredibly evident in later issues). He has a hard time understanding the world around him like why he's not allowed to go into the women's restroom despite 'identifying' as one (To be quite honest, I wouldn't want him in the men's room either). Sometimes his mental insanity gets downright unnerving like depicting the torture and execution of his online enemies, using their real names, and presenting it in a positive light. The point is that I don't trust Chris' perception of reality and certainly not when it comes to something as psychologically shaky as gender identity. 

I've suggested elsewhere that Chris may be doing this to fuel his persecution complex as an attempt to get pity points. After all, a lot of these special snowflakes with absurdly phrased gender identities end up being just that. We are in an age where social justice is a hot topic for many people online and it's not impossible that Chris got word of it and decided he wants to get in on the action. He has received more sympathy as of late than he ever has since his house burned down so it's possible he's just digging for more of it. 

There's a lot of interesting angles to look at this from and I can't say that any of them are absolutely right or absolutely wrong. If this were a regular guy confused about his sexuality I wouldn't give a damn at all and if this were some Tumblr baby writing this I'd just ignore them and move on.

Chris isn't some ordinary guy and he's certainly no tumblr baby (yet). I'll probably be following these exploits more closely to see where this is all headed. 

So is this the dawn of a new era? Has Chris truly ended his homophobic ways (He's still pretty sexist but baby steps)? Will he go full Tumblr and start telling people to check their privilege and learn whatever stupid pronouns he makes up? Will he ever make another Sonichu comic? We can only wait and see. 


Just for shits and giggles, Sonichu is dressed up as Anita Sarkeesian and Robee has Tom Preston's hat and glasses on. 
Morals for all time by Marsmar
Morals for all time
One of the more interesting contradictions with the Abrahamic religions is that people like to say that its god is unchanging in every single way including when it comes to morality yet depending on which religion you subscribe to, there's going to be some change in the inherent moral code. Sometimes it's something added like all the rules about how to pray in Islam or sometimes it's something taken out like the dietary laws in Judaism vs Christianity. 

The big question here is what good is there to a bunch of rules that can never be changed or reassessed? times change and so does morality. If we look at the Christian Bible for example, there's a set of rules on how you're supposed to treat your slaves. In the modern world, slavery is no longer a matter of 'you can do this but can't do this', but you're not allowed to have slaves, period. 

Along with taking things away, new things are added. No one during the era when these religions were being made could have possibly foreseen things like genetic engineering or the internet. Warfare was man to man so there's not a lot if anything at all they could say about things like drone strikes or nuclear warfare. These wouldn't be issues if people didn't try to turn to these archaic set of rules as guidance for modern day morality.

At the end of the day there's going to be some basic moral drive rooted into our biology. We are by nature a social species that works better in groups so of course randomly killing each other is going to be out of the question. However, we are no longer simple hunter and gatherers and there have been several moral issues that have come about ever since humans first made civilizations. For problems concerning things happening in the modern world, it would be better to solve them using modern morality.


On a less related note, I've been trying to experiment around with how I make comics and trying new techniques, Hopefully my art will look better in the future as a result of it. 


Marsmar's Profile Picture
United States
Current Residence: Arizona
Favourite genre of music: Classic rock
Favourite style of art: various styles.
Operating System: Mac
Shell of choice: Bowser's shell
Skin of choice: My own, but i am open to having robotic implants
Favourite cartoon character: Marvin the martian, Doc Ock,
Personal Quote: For Science Because Science
Because all the cool kids are doing it and because it's getting kind of depressing that my current journal is still reminding people that HR Giger is dead. 

So feel free to ask me whatever the hell you want and I'll probably be able to answer most of them. 
  • Reading: Discworld
  • Watching: Rifftrax
  • Playing: Team Fortress 2
  • Eating: Peanuts
  • Drinking: Tea

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